Intro to Time Out for You: Self-Care & Mindset

By Liza Rodriguez Krontilik April 19, 2021

This is the first article in a guide entitled, Time Out for You.  Think of Time Out for You as an extension of Brewster Putnam Macaroni Kid but the focus is more on helping the moms, dads and caregivers instead of the kiddos.  We all love our children and want the very best for them.  However, it's important to take some time for self-care.  I'm definitely a work in progress but have learned that you cannot pour from an empty cup.  My goal is to share a tip or an idea every month that may help recharge folks and bring some inner peace.  

Today, let's consider mindset.  The truth is that the longest relationship you will ever have is with yourself.  How you think and talk to yourself matters.  We usually are our own harshest critics.  Life is full of ups and downs but it's important to be your own best advocate.  It can be hard to turn off the negative voices in your head but I've been trying to treat myself like I would a friend.  (It's amazing how much more patience and kindness we have with others over ourselves!)

To fuel my mindset, I've been picking up reading self-help books over the last few years.  Like any other reading, it's a matter of personal preference.  I have found some books are better than others for me or I click with one author vs another.  I may not agree with every thought or principle they lay out.  However, I usually get a nugget or two that I find insightful or useful.  Sometimes, I gravitate towards a quote.  Other times, I get a fresh perspective on something.

Now if physically sitting down to read is just not your thing.  That's ok!  There are many audio options too so you can listen along as you drive to the store, walk the dog or break a sweat jogging.  The main thing is to carve out and use the time you have to do something for yourself.

If you're looking for some title suggestions, here are some that I have read:

So hit up your local library, fire up your Kindle or listen as an audiobook to enjoy these or other self-help titles.  If you do click with an author, why not fill your Instagram feed with positivity and follow them too?

Publisher Note:  Links provided for additional info;  I am not compensated for the sale of these books