May is Blossoming

Three Festival Options

By Liza Rodriguez Krontilik April 23, 2021

SPRING IS HERE!  That means beautiful blossoms in pink and white.  It also means festivals.

Although Japan is known for its beautiful cherry blossoms and the festivals that go along with them, there are plenty of blossom festivals to be found right here in the United States.  Even better for us in Putnam, we have access to several apple and cherry blossom festivals in the area.  No travel to Japan required!  

In fact, there are no less than three festivals in the vicinity to enjoy in May.  Each offers a different experience so I highly recommend you do some investigating to pick the one right for you and your family.  Options to consider include:

So pack the car and head over to one of these festivals to appreciate some of Mother Nature's beauty.  Bring your appetite too as you're sure to find plenty to feast on.  Enjoy!